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Free Artistic Phone Wallpaper Downloads

What’s better than FREE? Not much! The gorgeous Portland weather here in Oregon has me snapping pictures left and right, so I thought I would share some spring-fever inducing phone wallpapers with you all. And, of course, a few melancholy memes for those of you still shoveling snow….. So sorry.

Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (9)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (8)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (7)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (6)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (5)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (4)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (3)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (2)
Free_Phone_Wallpaper_Tie_That_Binds_Weddings_Invitations_Portland_Oregon (1)

To download, simply click the image you prefer, and save the large version that loads. For those of you on your phone, click the image you prefer, let the large one load, then long-tap the image and select “save photo.” You should be able to install the image from your photo gallery as your wallpaper background.

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The Answers are in! – Part One

Happy Wednesday, dear readers!
I’m excited to post the first 15 answers from our Makeup Questions for a Pro post not long ago! Blair Patterson, the Director of Global Makeup Artistry with Estée Lauder, has the most incredible answers to help with your wedding-day look. I’m going to post them as they come in, so be sure to check back!


1. What are the make-up trends that we want to stay away from on our wedding day that we will end up regretting in the future?
The secret to great makeup is great foundation. If the foundation is bad it takes away from whatever you do on the eyes or lips. Make sure to take pictures after your makeup trial if you hire a professional artist to ensure your skin looks flawless and is the right match. Make sure to write down the name and level of foundation and powder you or your Artist used so there won’t be any surprises on your big day!

2. What is the best way to look flawless in photos yet natural and not over-done in person?
This is a great question and one that many brides over look. Mix products like BB Creams, Tinted Moisturizers, Foundations and Concealers to achieve an impeccable complexion for your pictures, while still looking natural in person. Memories are as powerful as photographs and you don’t want people remembering you with a makeup mask during your wedding. Mix and layer the creams and foundations and lightly powder where needed. If you look natural and flawless in person, your photos will look the same, just watch the shine by keeping a small powder compact with you for quick touch-ups through the wedding!

3. For destination weddings, what are the beauty essentials that we must remember to pack in order for the wedding day to run smoothly?

The biggest mistake I see brides make when they have a destination wedding is misjudging the sun. They wait until they arrive to get a tan and either end up with a sunburn, or don’t have the right foundation shade once they get a tan. I recommend bringing a great SPF, a repairing serum, a powerful moisturizer and a foundation that not only matches you now, but one shade darker just in case.

Be sure to tan or spray tan before leaving for the trip, and if you do plan on working on your tan once there, do so sparingly.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a fantastic serum and one I don’t travel without. On top of enhancing your everyday moisturizer by binding it to the skin, it helps to heal and soothe sunburned skin; helps reduce redness; and works great when mixed with foundation to give you a flawless, glowing complexion. It really is a multi-purpose product.

4. What about the huge bags under the eyes of the m-o-b? Stress and sleepless nights (especially the night before the wedding) do nothing to improve her looks!
Everyone involved in a wedding is stressed by the time the big day arrives, and sometimes MOB’s take on the stress their daughter is experiencing. Her routine should be just as regimented as the Bride’s in my opinion. Find a great nighttime face and eye cream that specifically addresses dark circles and fatigued eyes. If the cream doesn’t begin to reduce the darkness in a few days, try a stay in place concealer mixed with a bit of eye cream to cover the darkness but not accentuate any fine lines and wrinkles. If that doesn’t work, convince mom to get a spray tan or book a spa weekend someplace sunny a few days before the wedding. Tanned skin takes away from the contrast of dark circles and will make her look impeccable for any photographs.

5. My sister is getting married in the middle of summer and she was wondering what is the best foundation to wear that will keep you “shine free” on a hot summer day?
Hands down, Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup; this product has a cult following not only with consumers, but also many artists in the makeup industry.

A tip with any “long wear” formulation: The longer the wear that is claimed, the more ingredients like Titanium Dioxide are used. Titanium Dioxide is the same ingredient that you find in sunscreen for SPF and can make your face have a white bounce back in photos, even if it looks like a perfect match in person. Take a few pictures with the foundation on to test the look in photos, and if you do not love what you see, you can try Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup, or try warming the skin with a bronzer and blush.

6. What lipstick/gloss would you recommend to wear for your wedding day that lasts awhile and does not rub off too badly when you kiss the groom?
This is the most asked question from brides and one that genuinely concerns them for obvious reasons. The good news is there are so many options and formulations that you will definitely find one that works best for you. Whether using a stain or long wearing lipstick, I suggest patting a concealer on the lips as a base to “hold” the color in place. Make sure to tell your Makeup Artist before your trial to bring options. If you’re doing your makeup yourself, take an hour at lunch and play with the options at your local department store, convenience store, or my personal favorite, Sephora.

7. I am a VERY fair-skinned redhead with freckles. How should I handle my wedding day make up? I need long lasting coverage to get me through the whole day, but I also want to look natural and not completely cover up my freckles. What do I do?!? A note: I am so pale that even the lightest foundation coverage is sometimes darker than my complexion.
There is nothing more beautiful than a clean, flawless complexion with some freckles showing and an effect that is truly easy to achieve. I suggest using a powder foundation and a concealer instead of a liquid foundation. Start by applying a tiny bit of blush or powder bronzer to bare skin. This will warm the skin and add contour and color without making your face darker than your neck. Follow with a powder foundation over the blush or bronzer and spot check with concealer where needed. At the very end, spray a light toner or primer over the entire face to give tone down the matte effect from the powder and give the skin a glow. This should give you the coverage you need, in a perfect match, while allowing those beautiful freckles to shine through.

8. I have shied away from foundation because I find that I become almost immediately oily/shiny and I have to reapply powder much more frequently throughout the day. Instead I have opted for thick powders that give a more heavy and matte coverage.
I am being encouraged to use foundation for my wedding day but I am nervous about using something I’ve had such little luck with in the past. How would you suggest I adapt my regimen for my wedding day festivities so that I can incorporate foundation and a lighter powder?

When was the last time you tried a liquid foundation? I ask because I have found that foundation technology in the last three years alone has come a very long way. Not only is there a myriad of “finish” options from sheer, to satin to matte, but there are so many textures to choose from. The problem I think you’re having is with the amount of oil your skin is kicking out through the day and the liquid foundation is too emollient to keep the shine down. Use a toner in the morning that addresses oiliness to minimize oil production through the day. The Estée Lauder Sparkling Clean Mattifying Oil Control Lotion Toner works great. Next, use a mattifying foundation primer to create a buffer between your skin and foundation. I suggest a cream foundation instead of a liquid, which will give more of a dewy effect than powder, and without the shine, and follow with a translucent powder in the problem areas and T-Zone.

9. What is the best way to keep mascara and eyeliner from smudging/running under your eye throughout the day. I don’t even apply eyeliner or mascara to my lower lash line because I have enough smudging just from lining my water line on my upper lashes and wearing mascara. Any advice to keep the liner and mascara in place and off my skin would be wonderful.
Have you tried a waterproof/smudge-proof eyeliner and mascara? Believe it or not, a lot of photo shoots are done in swimming pools, and the reason is that the water helps soften and manipulate the light on the model’s face. Even if you don’t see water in the image, if it’s a face shot chances are she is standing in a pool. I use the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencils and mascara and have never had an issue with smudging or bleeding. Try using a liner specifically designed for these issues, and for additional control, lock the liner in place with a powder eye shadow in a comparable color using an eyeliner brush.

10. Also what type of makeup do you suggest using for reapplying throughout the day, say to cover up the mascara that has run or to regain lost coverage throughout the day before going out for the evening. I use liquid foundation so bringing that with me seems like a nuisance but I’m not sure if I should go with a pressed powder or foundation that is in a compact and applied with a sponge or none of the above.
You shouldn’t try and cover up any melted or smudged liners/mascaras with concealers because no matter what, the dark colors will eventually work their way though and show on skin. Try eye liners that are designed for the issue as I mentioned above and you should be okay. Also, what do you do for a living? I find this is a common problem for people whom spend most hours of their work day in front of a computer. Take note on how often you rub or touch your eyes throughout the day and if your eyes feel fatigued due to the demands of your job, speak to an ophthalmologist about treatment as it will relieve the stress on your eyes and stop you from rubbing and exacerbating the issues and its effect on your makeup.

11. I have a naturally darker under-eye area. As a result, I tend to use a lot of concealer and foundation to cover the circles, which can look piled-on or get creased under my eyes during the day. What can I do to avoid looking over done?
I would try mixing a small amount of eye cream into a long wearing concealer. This will do a few things for you:

– Moisturize the skin, which will help the circulation that has pooled under your eyes.

– Plump out fine lines so they won’t be obvious.

– Give a natural appearance to the concealer and will add a slight glow making this area look radiant and healthy.

12. I am dying for a GOOD mascara. Any suggestions?
This sounds like a simple question but is actually a tricky one. ‘What do you want the mascara to do for you?’ is the first question I have. Do you want it to lengthen, curl, plump, fill or volumize? Second, do you need a long wearing mascara or a waterproof formulation? I guess the overall question is, ‘where have mascaras let you down in the past?’ Start by answering what they didn’t do for you and the path to finding one that will deliver will appear.

13. Any tips for evening out uneven skin tone?
Try a targeted serum to even out skin tone – there are many to choose from. A serum like Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator is great. This product will help to reduce the appearance of redness, acne marks, dark spots, sun spots and discolorations and leaves skin with a healthy glow. Follow with your makeup routine and over time you will see a dramatic difference!

14. How can I achieve the smokey eye look? Every time I try I end up looking like a raccoon. Help Please!
Smoky eyes are a challenge for most, and ironically one of the easier techniques to do if you have a base. Getting the density and depth you need for the look can be hard to do with just eye shadow so follow the steps below:

– Start with a dark liner in a color similar to the shadow you intend to use. Using a finger, lift your upper lash line so the inner “waterline” is exposed right under the roots of the lash. Line in the water line and then into the root of the lashes themselves so there is nothing between your iris and the liner when looking into a mirror.

– After saturating the upper lashes with liner, line on the lid above the lash line and use your finger to smudge the liner on the lid itself. Continue drawing the line along the lid and smudging it out so the lid is even and dark with liner. Don’t go past the contour; keep the liner to the lid itself.

– With a brush and matching eyeshadow “press” the shadow onto the smudged liner over the entire lid. The liner will act as a base, and will hold the shadow in place to give that dark smoky effect needed to achieve the look. Follow with a smudge proof and waterproof liner on the bottom lashes and a few coats of mascara.

15. I put on foundation and powder every morning, but my face always feels oily by mid afternoon. Any suggestions?

I actually got a similar question earlier and my advice is centered on dealing with the PH in your skin vs. the foundation and powder you’re using to control the oil.
Use a toner in the morning that addresses oiliness to minimize oil production through the day. The Estée Lauder Sparkling Clean Mattifying Oil Control Lotion Toner works great. Next, use a mattifying foundation primer to create a buffer between your skin and foundation. I suggest a cream foundation instead of a liquid, which will give more of a dewy effect than powder, and without the shine, and follow with a translucent powder in the problem areas and T-Zone.


How amazing is he?! I knew he wouldn’t disappoint. Be sure to check back soon for more answers to your biggest questions!

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And the Winner is…

It’s finally Friday when we get to announce the winner of our 50 holiday cards!

Thank you everyone for entering our drawing! And as always, we’ll be doing another one soon!

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Giveaway ~ 50 FREE Holiday Cards!

We said it was coming, and it’s finally here! We’re giving away 50 of our new holiday cards in any design to a lucky winner who tells their friends about us.
View the collection!
Here’s how to win…
You can do one of the following:

1 ~ Leave a comment
2 ~ “Like” our facebook

And unlimited of the following:

3 ~ Tweet about the giveaway and include @TieThatBinds
4 ~ Mention our giveaway on your blog (make sure a pingback shows up here!)
5 ~ Have a cute idea you wish we would design? Comment with your suggestion!

Giveaway ends next Thursday, October 28th at 5pm. Then we’ll tell you who won Friday morning! Spread the word…. ready, set, GO~!


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PDF Giveaway! ~ Thank a Veteran

As most of you know, we here at Tie That Binds hold the men and women of the Armed Forces close to our hearts. Veteran’s Day is Thursday, November 11th, and we’d like to rally our readers together in an effort to thank them.

Everyone knows someone that has served our great nation. It could be a family member, neighbor, coworker, or friend. And it’s important not to forget- the spouses that endure the hardships of the military deserve to be honored as well. So in honor of all that give, we’ve put a little something together. It’s simple: click here to download the pdf, print the items, and gift them with a small item to a veteran or veteran spouse that you know. Here are a few gift ideas:

Historical books
“An Army at Dawn” by Rick Atkinson – great for soldiers stationed overseas.
“Love Stories of World War 11” by Larry King – thoughtful gift for the spouse of a veteran

Visit a nursing home
Brighten the day of those veterans who may not get a visitor very often. You can ask the nurses for a list of veterans, or spot them by their Army and Navy hats :)

Make a care package
Send them to soldiers overseas. Even one package can be split among a group of soldiers. With USPS flat rate international boxes, you can keep it affordable too. Contact us if you need a soldier to send a package to.

If you don’t have time to do these things, you can also make a donation to our efforts. 100% of your donation will go to creating a gift for a soldier overseas. We’ll even send you a picture of the finished product! Just click the “Donate” button below to donate with Paypal, a credit card, or bank draft.

SO get out there and give BACK! If you do download our pdf and create a gift, be sure to take pictures and send them to us! And thanks again to all who serve.

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Free To-Do List Template!

I have tons to do today, and there is one thing that keeps me sane: TO DO LISTS.

These list templates are downloadable and printable, and free! Print two-to-a-page and cut down the middle. And since I know you’re not all brides or wedding junkies, I’ve included one without the “wedding” limitations :)

Wedding To Do List:


Regular To Do List:




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Tote Bag Giveaway ~ We have a winner!

It’s finally Friday when we get to announce the winner of our vow tote bag!

Thank you everyone for entering our drawing! We’ll have another giveaway soon.

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