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Wine Table Numbers with Succulent Centerpiece!

Spring is here! Nothing puts me in a springy mood more than revamping my house decor. This year I’m finally hopping on the bandwagon with succulents. Oh how cute they are!







Hopefully I can keep them from dying! My plant history is less-than-stellar.
And of course, if you’re looking for these pretty wine label table numbers, you can find them in our Etsy shop!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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DIY for the Nest ~ Puckered Bed Spread

This project makes a great gift or affordable improvement to any bed scape or bedroom. Albeit a bit time consuming and requiring math and LOTS of measuring (HATE!) the end product makes it totally worth it.

To complete this project you will need:

A duvet cover – 1 size bigger than your comforter
Old comforter – the same size as your bed
Needle and matching thread
Calculator (or crazy math brain)

Step One:
You can decide how many puckers you want in your bedspread, but I decided I wanted 11 rows of puckers. You would do the math like this:

For example, my spaces ended up being about 6 inches. Starting from the top, measure your spaces drawing a small dot at each interval.

Step Two:
For the columns of puckers, the measuring is a little different. For your bedspread to have a balanced look, you want your puckers to be about 11 inches apart. starting from the middle point of the length of the bedspread, measure down to level of your first dot and draw an “x.” Measure out from there 11 inches in both directions, and mark another “x.” Do this until you’ve reached both ends of your duvet cover.

Step Three:
Starting from the middle again, skip the second row’s dot, and move to the third, measuring out 11 inches and placing more x’s. Skip every other row until you’ve reached the bottom.

Step 4:
Return to your skipped rows, and place x’s in the middle and below the gaps of the rows above. These x’s are still spaced 11 inches apart, but you can pretty much eyeball what is “middle.”

Continue down the duvet until you’ve reached the bottom, and filled the duvet with evenly spaced x’s.

Step 5:
Now the sewing begins! Starting on top of one of your x’s, pinch about a 2 inch section together. Sew the folds together using your needle and thread, looping from the inside to the outside about 3 times. (I used a dark thread so you could see it better, but a matching thread works best.)

Step 6:
End your loops with a strong knot on the inside of the duvet.

Step 7:
Continue down the duvet, creating a pucker on every “x” until you’ve reached the bottom.

Stuff your duvet with any comforter, and enjoy the fluffy cloud that is your new comforter!

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Holiday Wreath DIY

We don’t waste time when it comes to Christmas decor. You can find lots of ready-made wreaths this time of year, but I opted to save a little dough by assembling one myself.

To complete this project you will need:

Grape Vine Wreath
String of beaded garland
Crystal beads

Step One:
The great thing about these grapevine wreaths is you can put them out as they are before Halloween and Thanksgiving! When the Christmas season rolls around, add the flair to create a new look.

Step Two:
Wrangle your garland around the wreath. You can use a few loose beads to secure the garland by tucking them into the woven vine.

Step Three:
Cut twenty 4-inch lengths of wire using the pliers. Thread the wire through the beads, creating a loop.

Step Four:
This part is tricky, but not nearly as complicated as it looks. Using the pliers, clamp down below the bead- where the end meets the strand of wire. With your other hand, twist the bead, which will wrap the loose end of the wire below the bead.

Step Five:
Tuck and loop the wire and beads into the wreath, distributing evenly. They’ll have more presence if they stick out from the wreath, so don’t flatten them too much!

Step Six:
Loop one 18-inch cut of ribbon around the wreath, and tie in a knot.

Step Seven:
Rotate the knot to the back of the wreath. Tie a bow on the loop of ribbon in the front.

Final Product:
Adorn in your house for all to adore!


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For the Nest ~ My Autumn Home

Continuing with our “nest” talk from the last few days, lately I’ve been pondering my home decor in excess. With guests coming for three weeks straight, I’ve seen my house through different eyes and realized that it’s a revolving door of styles and decor. Check out the differences in just one year, along with some extras:

Last Fall:

This Year:

Although by no means do I consider myself an interior designer, I find endless joy in collecting things that make my house feel like a home. I’ve been lucky to stumble across a few neat things to add to the collection, here are a few of my favorite details:

Porch Bench: I found a carpenter on craigslist who was willing to create custom furniture. After digging up old barn wood, he created this gorgeous bench and delivered it right to me, all for only $200! The pillows were collected from goodwill stores and recovered with new fabric. The cushion is covered with my mom’s vintage sheet.

Bed Spread: Soon to be a nest DIY right here on the blog!

Black Hutch: After one of my book shelves partially collapsed, I used the intact piece to hold my dishes by setting it on my existing buffet. Most guests in our home don’t even notice it’s a separate piece.

Dining Room Pew: Over 100 years old, this craigslist purchase only set me back $120. It’s made of solid oak, which in today’s market would sell for $400-$500 for the wood alone!

American Flag: This giant piece of patriotism was inherited, and has 48 stars.


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DIY Centerpiece of the Month

It’s been far too long since we posted a DIY centerpiece! And in my excitement for the season changing, Autumn has completely taken over my home decor. I tend to decorate with fringe objects – piecing together different things that I’ve found that communicate the overall idea of the decor. For example, my husband made a joke about this centerpiece being a cornucopia of objects, and he hit the concept on the head.

The centerpiece for this month is both wedding and home appropriate. Antique tins are easy to find at flea markets, and a miniature apothecary jar filled with nuts works well for both decoration and snacking. The wooden box is collectors packaging from Knob Creek Bourbon, an authentic Southern-made favorite! And lastly, the table cloth is made by Better Homes and Gardens and can be purchased here.
Tomorrow we’ll be taking a side road from weddings and sharing more “nest” stuff, so be sure to come back!

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