Top 5 Reception Details that Brides Forget…

If there is one thing we excel at here at Tie That Binds, it’s working under a tight deadline. In the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding many things can fall by the wayside and be forgotten until the last minute. Not to worry, we are here for you!
I’ve compiled a list of the most common things that we overnight in the coming wedding season. If you’re anything like me, you prefer to have everything lined up BEFORE the last moment…

It’s common for brides to plan their reception decor and completely overlook the fact that guests will still need direction. Where you have spent HOURS picturing and planning what will go where, who will do what, and when it will happen, the wedding day will come and your guests will be looking for the bathroom, sitting at tables you intended for family, and forgetting to sign the guestbook.
How we can help: We have a vast signage collection that can include your custom wording. Our most commonly requested signage includes:
“Reserved Seating” – Bridal Party, Family of the Groom, Family of the Bride
“Sign Our Guestbook”
“Please Enjoy a Favor on Us!”
“The Couple’s Signature Cocktail…”
We also suggest that you ask your venue’s event coordinator about the problems they have seen, and what has worked best in the past. Try to view your venue and wedding day with “fresh eyes” and anticipate what your guests will need.

Although it seems they will come together quickly, assembling mass amounts of guest gifts is no easy task. (Trust me.) I often see brides work late into the night the week before the wedding putting finishing touches on their favors. It’s a problem for a few reasons- 1. It cuts into much-needed beauty sleep, 2. It’s stressful and compromises the fun factor of planning your wedding day, and 3. Rushing and late nights usually mean lower quality and less-thoughtful gifts.
How we can help: We offer custom favor design – which means anything you can dream up, we want to create for you. Consider your love story and what sets you aside as a couple. Do you have a favorite sports team? Family recipe? Unique wedding destination? We want to help create a meaningful favor for your guests.
Of course if you waited too long and need a quick and thoughtful favor, reach out to us! We offer many favor tags and stickers that can be adhered to any item, making even the most last-minute favor thoughtful and classy.


This is a little unfair because the guest list fluctuates a lot between the RSVP date and the big day. No matter how reliable your guests may seem, many of them will need to change their response in the weeks before the wedding. If you’re doing a formal seating arrangement, this can add mayhem to a constantly changing spreadsheet.
How we can help: If you’re ordering place or escort cards with table numbers, let us know ahead of time. We can start on the design for both, and leave plenty of room for design adjustments and tweaks. When the design is completely perfect, send us your list of attending guests on the RSVP deadline.  We will fill in the table number and straggler guests quickly before the wedding day.


So easy yet so hard. Menus, whether they be large signage or at each place setting are a stunning and memorable detail for your wedding reception. However, caterers don’t typically need the final food decisions until 2-4 weeks before the wedding, which creates a perfect storm of procrastination for brides and grooms.
How we can help: In the same way as table numbers, ask us to start the design before you’ve settled on your menu. The content can be changed as needed, making the last-minute addition completely stress-free.
If you’ve decided you prefer the large signage style menu, plan ahead for how you will display your board or banner. We can accommodate much more with a little heads-up and pre-ordering of supplies.


Oh the dreaded thank-you cards. After the honeymoon and vacation bliss, you return to a to-do list of more addressing! To avoid confusion and frustration, assign someone to keep a list of who-gave-what when you open your gifts, making it much easier to thank each guest for their gift by name.
How we can help: We now offer guest-address printing services with your invitation order. In addition to creating thank-you cards that match your exact wedding suite and colors, we will print your thank-you addresses at a discount the second time around.
*Another helpful hint: If you intend to tip the vendors on the wedding day (which is very-much encouraged!) make a trip to the bank a few days in advance. Put each vendors cash tip in their own envelope with a thank-you card, and label their name on the front. On the morning of, give the bundle to a trusted bridal party member to handle when each vendor comes into play on the wedding day. Your thoughtfulness will be very appreciated!


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  1. Wow! Those custom timeline cards are fantastic. It’s the little thoughtful details like that which tie the entire day together!

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