Whimsical Paper Garland

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’ll be sharing a few ideas for easy and beautiful holiday decor. On that note, while exploring antique shops this Veteran’s Day weekend, I discovered a strand of vintage paper garland that seems to be out of production now. It would be a gorgeous addition to any decor collection, so I came right home and attempted to create one for myself. It came together quite nicely I thought, although too complex for a blog DIY from start to finish.

SO. That leads to my next point – maybe I should create it as a DIY product. I would provide the pre-cut pieces of paper in the product (maybe a yummy lighter-weight cream paper) along with intructions for assembly? Hmm… Lots to think about!

Until then I’ll just dream about it. Look how pretty!


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One response to “Whimsical Paper Garland

  1. Jackie

    I think this would be a great blog subject. If you made the blog post on the directions and put the pattern in a PDF format where we could download them then I think they would be fantastic. I know that I would appreciate getting the patterns and directions for making them. I am a 100% NSC disabled vet and the crafts I used to do (knitting leather work, etc.) I can no longer do. I can do paper crafts and am always looking for different crafts to make as gifts.

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