Today is the Day!

I’m so excited to introduce to you, Blair Patterson! He is the Director of Global Makeup Artistry with Estée Lauder, and he’s teamed up with Tie That Binds to help our brides with a huge wedding-day need:


Blair literally travels the world showing thousands of makeup artists how to best use the fantastic products that Estée Lauder has to offer. We are SO lucky to have such a world-renowned and talented artist here to help OUR lovely brides! Eeeee!

If you’re anything like me, your face was the last thing you were thinking of for the wedding day (I may have been a little more distracted with the details of the day.. if that surprises anyone.) Looking back at photos, I realize now that a little preparation would have gone a long way. If you’re the opposite of me, you’re already preparing for your gorgeous day-of look. Luckily for both type of bride, Blair is here to help with your biggest beauty questions.


We will be taking FIFTY of your submitted questions for Blair to answer. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask, so don’t hold back! Leave your questions in the comments section below, or click the button to email.

Submissions will close two weeks from today on April 8th, so be sure to tell everyone you know about their chance to consult a true professional with their questions. And of course, be sure to visit Estée Lauder online to get familiar with the products they offer. Your makeup investment can be used to the fullest, and Blair can help. Have a great week!


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19 responses to “Today is the Day!

  1. Jennie

    I am a VERY fair-skinned redhead with freckles. How should I handle my wedding day make up? I need long lasting coverage to get me through the whole day, but I also want to look natural and not completely cover up my freckles. What do I do?!? A note: I am so pale that even the lightest foundation coverage is sometimes darker than my complexion. ;)

  2. delani

    I have shied away from foundation because I find that I become almost immediately oily/shiny and I have to reapply powder much more frequently throughout the day.
    Instead I have opted for thick powders that give a more heavy and matte coverage.
    I am being encouraged to use foundation for my wedding day but I am nervous about using something I’ve had such little luck with in the past. How would you suggest I adapt my regimen for my wedding day festivities so that I can incorporate foundation and a lighter powder?

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  4. Alex Hilkenkamp

    What is the best way to keep mascara and eyeliner from smudging/running under your eye throughout the day. I don’t even apply eyeliner or mascara to my lower lash line because I have enough smudging just from lining my water line on my upper lashes and wearing mascara. Any advice to keep the liner and mascara in place and off my skin would be wonderful.
    Also what type of makeup do you suggest using for reapplying throughout the day, say to cover up the mascara that has run or to regain lost coverage throughout the day before going out for the evening. I use liquid foundation so bringing that with me seems like a nuisance but I’m not sure if I should go with a pressed powder or foundation that is in a compact and applied with a sponge or none of the above.

  5. Ashley

    I have a naturally darker under-eye area. As a result, I tend to use a lot of concealer and foundation to cover the circles, which can look piled-on or get creased under my eyes during the day. What can I do to avoid looking over done?

  6. I am dying for a GOOD mascara. Any suggestions? Also, any tips for evening out uneven skin tone?

  7. Jessica

    How can I achieve the smokey eye look?Every time I try I end up looking like a raccoon. Help please

  8. Katie

    I put on foundation and powder every morning, but my face always feels oily by mid afternoon. Any suggestions?

  9. Jessica

    I like using mineral makeup for everyday use, but I find that I have to reapply often. Is there a good makeup primer or a trick that I can use so that I don’t have to touch up so often?

  10. Alex (Blush Bemused)

    I have the same issue, Ashley. Darn those dark under eyes!

    My sisters make fun because they say I over do it on the blush. I don’t want to say they are right, but I do apply heavily to brighten up my face. I have pale skin and black hair so I don’t want to look muted. Please help. What technique to you recommend for proper application? How to determine what color blush to use with your skin type? Powder vs. cream? Your favorite brands?

  11. Brittany Clapp

    I’m 28, and need to know what kind of concealer and foundation to wear. That and I want to know what the lightest foundation.. powder or mineral preferably not liquid.. that I can wear.. I have dry cheeks, but moderately oily everything else.. and how do I eliminate black heads.. they’re driving me crazy!!

  12. Stephani Mahoney

    Do you recommend open bar at a reception?!

  13. Should I go with my normal, day-to-day makeup look on the Big Day? Or should I step it up and add a little more? I’m concerned I won’t look like my “usual” self, but don’t want to downplay my Bride card too much…

  14. Amanda

    I have uneven eyes – one is bigger and shaped a little differently than the other. How can I use make-up to hide this imperfection?

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  16. Jill

    I’m 40, but want to glow. Help!?

  17. At age 32 I am starting to show sun spots and some uneven skin tones. Do you have a recommendation for a cream/medication to help even out my skin tone as well as a makeup trick to conceal those spots during the day?

  18. Katie

    Is there a way to make my lipstick last more than ten minutes? I don’t have the time to constantly reapply.

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