DIY Sewing Pattern Flowers

If you haven’t already, be sure to swing over to Wedding Chicks and check out our feature! Help a sister out and leave a comment :) Wasn’t the bride beautiful? I’m positive she couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect setting for her rustic-themed wedding.
Last but not least, I wanted to leave you with a super fun project for the weekend! The flowers used at our featured wedding were each hand-crafted by the Mother-of-the-Bride and her friends. What a labor of love! Check out the super easy steps below, and happy crafting!

Step One: Materials

Yellowed Sewing Patterns
24-gauge floral wire
skewers (optional)

Step Two:
Stack 10 sheets of sewing pattens cut to 10″ square.

Step Three:
Fold 1-inch wide sections of the stack, working into an accordion fold

Step Four & Five:
Pinch, loop, and secure a 12-inch length of wire around the middle of the folded pieces. Round the edges using sharp scissors.

Step Six:
Carefully unfold the layers of paper, fanning into a round bloom.

Step Seven:
A few gentle scrunches of the bloom will create the round “hydrangea” look that you want.

Step Eight:
If you will be arranging the flowers in a big bouquet using floral foam, wrap the remaining wire around a skewer. You can wrap up to three blooms around one skewers.

The Final Product:

A special thank you to Bryan Aulick for taking such incredible photos of the products we put together for Kelsie & Kyle’s wedding. It’s too often that details are skipped over by photographers, and the images Bryan captured were a dream come true. If you want a true collection of images of your wedding day, hire him.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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