Samuel’s Doggie Birthday Party

Thought I might share what last weekend was filled with- a first birthday party for Samuel!

Good fun and good food was had by all, happy birthday Sam!
If you’re interested in ordering these invitations or details for your party, contact us for pricing information!


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9 responses to “Samuel’s Doggie Birthday Party

  1. Who let the dogs out?! ;)

    Looks like a fun party to me!!!

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  4. Susan

    Simply precious invites and ideas…. we are planning a 9th birthday party for my daughter..Just located your site – would love to order the COME SIT STAY invites for my daughter’s
    party – what do I do? Sorry I am not more computer savvy :( Just direct me please….thanks.

  5. Imani

    Dear Blogger, My name is Imani and im trying to have a fun party for my dog coco he is turning two and i want to know what would be a good theme for him or how i can have a party thats close to yours. I love how you did pawprints on the water and all of the above please email me

  6. Caitlin

    I LOVE this party! You did such a great job! Could you tell me where you had the invites made or how you did them? I love the colors and just everything!

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  8. Precious party! My son is obsessed with our chocolate lab, so I’m in the beginning stages of planning his dog themed 1st birthday (in July). Thanks for the great pictures and ideas — love the invites too. I might get back in touch with you!

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