Christmas Table Setting

Sorry for the sporadic posts this week! This time of year is CRAZY for Army spouses, and I’ve been consumed with preparing for Christmas! Today I wanted to share my Christmas dinner table setting. I particularly like this setup because the styling elements are super affordable!

Red Chargers: $1 each, Walmart
Gold Bells: $1 for 6, Dollar Tree
Lace Runner: trimmed antique curtain, Goodwill
Pinecones: Spray-painted white
Red beading: $6, Michael’s Craft Store
White vases, cake plate, candle holder, etc: Second-hand store collection

If you readers have a table to share, send it along! And, have a wonderful weekend!


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3 responses to “Christmas Table Setting

  1. Shannon

    Mekala! I absolutely LOVE the white-pitcher-on-the-white-cake-stand thing – what a great way to get some height on the table!

  2. Geez. I can take $50 and make it look like $20 – – You totally reverse the process. Wow.

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