Helping Non-Profits: Operation Faithful Support

Today I’m featuring our latest volunteer endeavor. It’s important to give back to organizations that better our society, and my focus this year has been Operation Faithful Support. A support group for the spouses of deployed soldiers, this group meets once a month to talk about all the hardships of a combat deployment, and how to effectively survive, function, and flourish despite the hardship. There is truly no program like this in the Army, and I’ve been honored to become part of building it.
Anyways, OFS has released their first product that supports the program with it’s proceeds! Created by the children of 3/1 Infantry Brigade, each card features a different Army-themed drawing. These little works of art give us a unique glimpse into the world of a deployment from a child’s perspective including drawings titled, “We Miss Daddy,” “The Army is in My Heart,” and “Dad Comin’ Home for R&R.” Heartstrings, right?! Check out the 12 works of art:

You can buy the whole set for $15 which includes shipping. Visit their website to donate to the organization, or purchase their new product to support this awesome program.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. You are awesome! The kids did GREAT!!!! LOVE these!

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