What YOU can learn from Ken & Barbie’s Wedding

I’ve been mulling over this “shoot” for 3 hours now, trying to decide if it’s something you all would find interesting. Featured on dozens of blogs including the website of Glamour Weddings, I’ve decide there is a lesson to be learned. For those of you that are haters, try to make it to the bottom!

I have a hunch you all will be split down the middle on this. Some will love it, others will hate it. Overlooking the obvious skill of photographer Beatrice de Guigne’s attention to detail and photography, I want to focus on something a little bit deeper- the cliche wedding photo expectation of the day. I’m not the first to raise the question, and you’ll see the photog’s comments on the potential hidden “messages” of the shoot here. But the photos beg the question – while it’s absolutely reasonable to request pictures of the details of your wedding day, have our wedding photo expectations become so cut-and-dry that even Ken & Barbie can pull it off?
Imagine for a moment that you hired a photographer whose SOLE purpose of the day was to capture the feelings you experienced. No shoes, no rings, no favors, but instead the tear on your dad’s cheek, the morning hug from your brother, a guest carefully stepping over your aisle runner… What would that collection look like? For those of you whose wedding has already come and gone, what fresh perspective would you have now?
As a detail designer, I have NO intention to minimize the importance of capturing the objects and details that made your wedding a beautiful event. But when you set off to search the world of wedding photographers, don’t overlook the immense talent of those who focus on the moments of the day, rather than the items that will fade away. I know some incredible photographers who are just that, and I will share them soon. But allow me to remind you- the photo theory behind your photographer’s work is just as important as their rate, reputation, and website gallery.
What do you guys think of this shoot? Waste of time? Utter genius that makes you re-live your childhood? Please share in the comments below!


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3 responses to “What YOU can learn from Ken & Barbie’s Wedding

  1. It’s honorable to want to have a deeper view. But I don’t think this shot is the best example. Don’t forget that this one is just for fun. If it was a true story, perhaps the question about te good balance between details and real emotions to be catched may arise.

    • Hey Béatrice! SO happy you found this post! I completely understand that you had no intention of sparking the conversation about cliche wedding photos- I had hoped our readers would follow the link to your blog where you discuss the that the photo shoot was simply for fun. In all reality, most weddings featured today ARE prime examples of cliche wedding photography. The examples would be limitless! Regardless, I was thrilled to see a photographer like you coming up with something so creative and unique. Thank you so much for sharing this shoot with the wedding world!

  2. Thank you to published them ! :) And I totally understand what you’re saying about cliche of wedding photography!

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