Our Wedding Show ~ On to the Details!

As promised, here are more photos of our wedding booth styled with the help of Amanda from Joy Ever After!

When imagining a look for the booth, Amanda suggested we arrange an inspiration board to reign-in the ideas and keep everything congruent. For the most part, our initial board stayed true to the final product! A few notes about the decor: We found old books and removed the pages to cover the back wall. We wanted a subtle yet eye-catching way to display the logo, so we applied a vinyl decal on a mirror purchased from a thrift store. The flowers, which were loved by all, were carefully crafted from vintage sewing patterns. And lastly, the show-stopping satin table runner was inspired by this DIY from Lindye Galloway Events.

Overall it was a great experience and look forward to using everything again for shows in the future. I couldn’t speak more highly of Joy Ever After and everything Amanda styled for the booth. It wouldn’t have been so successful without her!


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4 responses to “Our Wedding Show ~ On to the Details!

  1. Jill

    Wow. As usual. Love the touch of purple. Very edgy. But delicate. Much like, “The Tie That Binds”. I love that you are consistantly surprising!!!!!

  2. Katie O.

    You have a product catalog?! I love everything about this.

  3. Holy schmokes you’ve done it again! I love love the table cloth omg!

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