DIY for the Nest ~ Puckered Bed Spread

This project makes a great gift or affordable improvement to any bed scape or bedroom. Albeit a bit time consuming and requiring math and LOTS of measuring (HATE!) the end product makes it totally worth it.

To complete this project you will need:

A duvet cover – 1 size bigger than your comforter
Old comforter – the same size as your bed
Needle and matching thread
Calculator (or crazy math brain)

Step One:
You can decide how many puckers you want in your bedspread, but I decided I wanted 11 rows of puckers. You would do the math like this:

For example, my spaces ended up being about 6 inches. Starting from the top, measure your spaces drawing a small dot at each interval.

Step Two:
For the columns of puckers, the measuring is a little different. For your bedspread to have a balanced look, you want your puckers to be about 11 inches apart. starting from the middle point of the length of the bedspread, measure down to level of your first dot and draw an “x.” Measure out from there 11 inches in both directions, and mark another “x.” Do this until you’ve reached both ends of your duvet cover.

Step Three:
Starting from the middle again, skip the second row’s dot, and move to the third, measuring out 11 inches and placing more x’s. Skip every other row until you’ve reached the bottom.

Step 4:
Return to your skipped rows, and place x’s in the middle and below the gaps of the rows above. These x’s are still spaced 11 inches apart, but you can pretty much eyeball what is “middle.”

Continue down the duvet until you’ve reached the bottom, and filled the duvet with evenly spaced x’s.

Step 5:
Now the sewing begins! Starting on top of one of your x’s, pinch about a 2 inch section together. Sew the folds together using your needle and thread, looping from the inside to the outside about 3 times. (I used a dark thread so you could see it better, but a matching thread works best.)

Step 6:
End your loops with a strong knot on the inside of the duvet.

Step 7:
Continue down the duvet, creating a pucker on every “x” until you’ve reached the bottom.

Stuff your duvet with any comforter, and enjoy the fluffy cloud that is your new comforter!

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  1. This came out fantastic! So innovative and definitely work all the math. No I won’t have to spend a fortune on my dream duvet comforter! Thanks Mekala!

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