Holiday Party by Tie That Binds

A very treasured friend of mine is stepping down from her leadership role in an organization I frequently volunteer for. Not only did she fearlessly lead us through our husbands’ year-long deployment, she has been a friend, financial adviser, marriage therapist, sister, mother of 4… and basically WAY too much to all of us.

AND, for those of you who are animal lovers and may be wondering why my post was so late, I was busy hiring my new coworker:

He’s not named yet, any suggestions?
Have a great weekend!


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4 responses to “Holiday Party by Tie That Binds

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  2. jill

    LOVELY! If I could only use one word, it would be charming. There. I used it. Guess there is nothing left to say….

    Well, except…..maybe…..delightful……and, errr….whimsical…….memorable…….nostaligic…..quaint……

  3. What a beautiful party! I love all the details and decor. Cute pup! Here are some fun names

  4. Melissa

    You Rock. Really. You do.

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the bond you guys made through the past 12-18 months! I wish I could have been there!!!

    Miss you like crazy!
    {Sorry I’m so late in seeing and commenting… you know how it goes :-) }

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