Evergreen Garland DIY

This DIY worked out perfectly for me, because I didn’t actually have to purchase extra materials to make it happen. Of course, I used beads and our Custom Antiqued Bunting as well, but the stand alone evergreen garland would’ve worked just fine.

To complete this project you will need:

Leftover Christmas tree branches
Strong scissors
Optional: Additional materials for the doorway (beads, bunting, etc.)

Step One:
Selecting the strongest, cut the boughs into single branches. Using the pliers, cut a 3 inch length of wire for every two single branches.

Step Two:
Taking the ends of two branches, tightly wrap the wire securing them together.

Step Three:
String the branches end to end. I created a 20 ft strand for my double-wide doorway. Drape them above a main thoroughfare of your home, wrapping them around other garlands, and securing them to each other with ribbon. I chose to cut the ends of my ribbon, but you could leave the tips for added flair.

What do you think? Any ideas that would make this craft even better?

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