Ornament Tower DIY

This is probably my favorite piece of decor in the whole house. Although the steps below are extremely simplified, you’ll find it a pretty easy DIY.

To complete this project you will need:

About 24 round ornaments
A pedestal vase
1 foam cone form
Hot glue gun
Boutonniere pins
Optional: Something to hold the cone in place (disposable tupperware lid shown)

Step One:
Starting at the bottom, hot glue the ornaments to the cone, with the caps pushing into the foam. Continue around and up the cone until covered.

Step Two:
Cut loops of ribbon, and insert boutonniere pins to enclose the loop.

Step Three:
Push the pin and ribbon into the gaps between the ornaments.

Final Product:
We’ll be sharing more photos of our Christmas decorations next week, so be sure to come back!

And don’t forget to take advantage of our holiday card sale, extended for another week!


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4 responses to “Ornament Tower DIY

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I hope you don’t mind but I linked and bragged about your blog and this post over on my blog! Thanks for this fabulous idea!

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