Scrap Wreath DIY!

Happy December! (Rabbit rabbit!) I’m all about the wreathes this year. Here is one that cost me a total of about $2, and it’s shabby chic cute, too! To complete this project you will need:

Scrap strip of fabric or ribbon – about 8 feet
Second piece of ribbon – about 16 inches
Foam ring (dollar store!)
2-3 Boutonniere pins

Step One:
Using your boutonniere pin, secure the end of the strip to the wreath. If you’re wrapping scraps of fabric and you don’t want the frayed edge to show, wrap accordingly.

Step Two:
Keeping good and firm tension, wrap the fabric or ribbon around the ring tightly.

Step Three:
When you reach your original point, remove the pin and wrap a final time around the wreath- with the end at the back of the wreath.

Step Four:
Turn over the wreath and create a loop with the remaining strip piece. Pierce the boutonniere pin through all layers, inserting at an angle to keep tension (and keep it from coming through on the other side! Ouch!)

Step Five:
Tie a bow with your second piece of ribbon.

Step Six:
Pin to the front of the wreath, hiding the pin head under the bow’s knot.

Final Product:
Hang above doorways, in windows, or on your front door. For added elegance, use another boutonniere pin to hang it on the wall.

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