Holiday Wreath DIY

We don’t waste time when it comes to Christmas decor. You can find lots of ready-made wreaths this time of year, but I opted to save a little dough by assembling one myself.

To complete this project you will need:

Grape Vine Wreath
String of beaded garland
Crystal beads

Step One:
The great thing about these grapevine wreaths is you can put them out as they are before Halloween and Thanksgiving! When the Christmas season rolls around, add the flair to create a new look.

Step Two:
Wrangle your garland around the wreath. You can use a few loose beads to secure the garland by tucking them into the woven vine.

Step Three:
Cut twenty 4-inch lengths of wire using the pliers. Thread the wire through the beads, creating a loop.

Step Four:
This part is tricky, but not nearly as complicated as it looks. Using the pliers, clamp down below the bead- where the end meets the strand of wire. With your other hand, twist the bead, which will wrap the loose end of the wire below the bead.

Step Five:
Tuck and loop the wire and beads into the wreath, distributing evenly. They’ll have more presence if they stick out from the wreath, so don’t flatten them too much!

Step Six:
Loop one 18-inch cut of ribbon around the wreath, and tie in a knot.

Step Seven:
Rotate the knot to the back of the wreath. Tie a bow on the loop of ribbon in the front.

Final Product:
Adorn in your house for all to adore!


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