Custom Favor Stickers

Happy first day of November! Where I come from, we say “Rabbit rabbit!” … anyone else with that tradition?

Today we’re going to talk about a genius budget favor option. A bride is never thriftier than when she’s got limited funds to create the wedding of her dreams. For this, we’ve come up with a simple and affordable solution- favor stickers in a custom design, and applicable to a favor of your choice!

See what I mean? The DIY possibilities are unlimited. Consider asking a family member to help assemble your favors. Maybe it’s Grandma’s jam, miniature bottles of your favorite wine, or just a simple personalized bud vase! Whatever you prefer, contact us to help make it special.


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2 responses to “Custom Favor Stickers

  1. Katie O.

    Oh my gosh, I totally do that! I even remembered to say it as soon as I woke up today! Love these by the way, but what’s new?

  2. It’s probably because we come from the same place :) My sister and I used to compete for who would say it first. Whoever got to it first gets good luck for the whole month. Ha!

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