DIY for the GROOM!

Do you EVER see DIY’s for the groom? No. This one comes as an idea directly from my husband. At first I thought it absurd, but then I realized I can’t possibly be the only one married to a guy who likes beer. And although I can’t relate, I do agree that these bottle caps look pretty cool when they’re all put together. And the best part- he can do it HIMself also! It’s easy, and just enough “manly” to perk their interest…

A few more ideas:
Put his groomsmen up to saving all of the bottle caps from the bachelor party, OR ask the bartender at the wedding reception to wrench them gently and set them aside. The more types of beer, the better.

For a more personalized gift, ask the groomsmen or people at the reception sign their initials on the bottle caps.

Or, if your groom is anything like mine, surprise him with a display of his bottle caps as magnets. If he freaks out about his prized collection becoming magnets, everything is easily removed and good as new. For our house, we’ve been watching for old metal signs that would put cool to adhere the magnets to. Something maybe like this? (The piece above the mantel is the back of an old road sign.)

On to the DIY! For this project you will need…

Bottle Caps
Hot glue gun and glue
Round Magnets

Step One:
Collect bottle caps of varying designs and colors.

Step Two:
Place a small and tall bead of glue on the back of each bottle cap. The taller the better- if your magnet isn’t given something to rest on, it will be flush with the edges of the bottle cap. This makes the magnets difficult to pick up, and more importantly, could scratch the surface of whatever they’re adhered to.

Step Three:
Let the glue cool until hardened. If you do them all at once, the entire process will go faster.

Step Four:
Place another small and tall bead of glue in the center of one magnet. Let it cool slightly, so as to maintain the height of the glue. You might even hold the magnet upside down briefly as it cools, as gravity naturally creates more height in the glue (that sounds like something my husband would say :)

Step Five:
When the glue is just set, place the magnet facing the glue on the bottle cap. Be careful to center the magnet, as the pull between the bottle cap and magnet can cause it to be off-centered. Adjust the magnet quickly to center and level it.

Step 6
Allow all of the magnets and bottle caps to cool before placing them on a metal surface. If they’re not hardened first, the pull can remove the magnet and glue from the bottle cap (which is convenient if, as I mentioned before, the groom panics about the new state of his collection.)

Final Product:
An awesome and displayable use for his bottle cap collection, and perhaps a memo of some of the best days of your lives.


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2 responses to “DIY for the GROOM!

  1. Courtney Champagne

    Love this idea – what a good gift too for the hubby who is ridiculously hard to find gifts for. He can use them on his beer fridge downstairs!

  2. Jill Bozeman

    What’s ridiculous is how clever you are!!! And elegant. And did I say, clever?

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