Cold Feet DIY

If you’ve followed Tie That Binds from the beginning, you’ll know that this DIY project marked our first day of business. Featured on Style Me Pretty, this project is a unique way to surprise your groom on the wedding day. Here is what you’ll need:

Your groom’s socks for the wedding
Brown paper / any paper (I used a paper grocery sack!)
Printer and DIY label
Sticker Paper or paper and glue


Step 1: cut paper strip about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. Fold into a loop and staple. To form the square look of the paper, fit around socks and crease.

Step 2: Fold socks in half and loop a bow of ribbon at the fold. Then slip the socks into the paper loop

Step 3: Print label on sticker paper, cut out, and attach to brown paper strip.

…And viola!~

Place them where they’ll be a surprise! He’ll remember your lighthearted-ness on the big day for years to come. AND, you can purchase the sock label for only $7.50! To purchase the blue sock label, click here. For the ivory, click here.


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