My Dream Farm Wedding

Humor me for the day as I daydream about what could’ve been…

I made an amazing discovery last weekend while traveling to see family – my husband’s entire family history takes place in a 10-mile radius in Southern Missouri. Not only is the homestead still in the family, much of the surrounding history still stands as well. How does this relate to weddings? Good question. Given that our wedding took place only two years ago, it might have been a fantastic place to have our wedding. Check out the beautiful scene that is the Tinnin Homestead, and my wedding vision that goes with it:

My husband’s great-great grandfather helped build this church that stands less than 1/4 mile from the homestead. The cemetery behind it has several family members buried there, and was established in the 1800’s. With a little TLC, the place would be beautiful!

The homestead is a short town car ride from the church. This road sits alongside a fence that his grandfather helped build at the age of 8. It is the same road his grandpa walked to school everyday, and the old school house still sits next to the church covered in brush and trees.
As you enter the homestead, you cross a creek that is home to about two dozen ducks, 6 deer, and yes- a turkey!

Surrounded by wildflowers and a nurtured garden, one couldn’t ask for a more beautiful setting to party the night away. Not only would the food certainly be home grown, but all of the family members in attendance would be too!

What’s a wedding without adorable details like these? They’d be a must have as well!

PHOTO CREDITS: Apples – Sylvie Gil Photography, Wooden Chairs – Abby Ross, Bingo Board – Victor Sizemore Photography, Flowers – Aaron Delesie, Cowboy Boots – Hillary Maybery, Windows – Ken Kienow, Apple Pie Favors – Jennifer Longaway, “Happy Roasting” – Jessie Claire, Flower Drawers – Jose Villa

So. That is my dream. Good thing I have two Tinnin sister-in-laws that will be getting married someday :) Perhaps they’ll take the bait!

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One response to “My Dream Farm Wedding

  1. Wow, Mekala.. that is so inspirational! So simple, yet so sophisticated! I love you! You’ve outdone yourself… AGAIN!
    I hope you are well..

    We love you,

    Brittany and Coleman :) and.. <3

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