For the Nest ~ My Autumn Home

Continuing with our “nest” talk from the last few days, lately I’ve been pondering my home decor in excess. With guests coming for three weeks straight, I’ve seen my house through different eyes and realized that it’s a revolving door of styles and decor. Check out the differences in just one year, along with some extras:

Last Fall:

This Year:

Although by no means do I consider myself an interior designer, I find endless joy in collecting things that make my house feel like a home. I’ve been lucky to stumble across a few neat things to add to the collection, here are a few of my favorite details:

Porch Bench: I found a carpenter on craigslist who was willing to create custom furniture. After digging up old barn wood, he created this gorgeous bench and delivered it right to me, all for only $200! The pillows were collected from goodwill stores and recovered with new fabric. The cushion is covered with my mom’s vintage sheet.

Bed Spread: Soon to be a nest DIY right here on the blog!

Black Hutch: After one of my book shelves partially collapsed, I used the intact piece to hold my dishes by setting it on my existing buffet. Most guests in our home don’t even notice it’s a separate piece.

Dining Room Pew: Over 100 years old, this craigslist purchase only set me back $120. It’s made of solid oak, which in today’s market would sell for $400-$500 for the wood alone!

American Flag: This giant piece of patriotism was inherited, and has 48 stars.


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7 responses to “For the Nest ~ My Autumn Home

  1. Alexandria

    Your home is breath taking and I want to move in. The new porch make over came out amazing and it looks so cozy. I’ve loving the new comfy couch in the living room and all the new trinkets you’ve added. I’m so glad you bought that duvet cover! I’m so jealous. It looks great! There is so much to love I can go on and on. Chris must have been truly impressed as well as everyone who sees the transition of your home in person.

    I consider you an interior designer or stylist now!

  2. Mekala,

    Cousin, your home looks amazing! I am so happy for you! You truly have done an amazing job with your beautiful home.
    Hope you and your hubby are doing well.

    Love you much,


  3. Dad

    Looks wonderful. I can see YOU in ever room, and that’s a good thing. Only one thing… the TV needs to be bigger. :)

    Your Media Geek Father

  4. Katie O.

    Love it all. Especially that sectional, what a great choice :)

  5. Bema

    Oh my Darling, This is so far over the top of beautiful and hom “ee”. You truly, truly never cease to amaze me. One would think after all these years and after watching you create wonderment out of absolutely nothing (recalling jean skirt from jeans that the average bear would have taken to the dumpster in the dark of night) I would get used to your creative juices but I never seem to keep up. WOW WOW double WOW! Many more pictures like these and you will have company a lot more than 3 weeks!

  6. Bobbi Jones

    I want that mirror in the “studio1” picture …. above the futon …. I LOVE IT!!!
    Your house is so cute!! :)

  7. Bobbi,
    Would you believe me if I told you I found it for $13 at the thrift store?! CRAZY! I love the mirror too :) Thanks for the compliment!

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