Traditional and Ornate Custom Suite by Tie That Binds

We’ve been sharing one of our clients custom suites in the last few weeks. We started with the Save-the-Dates, then we shared the match box favors, and now it’s time for the big reveal- the letterpressed invitation suite!

This suite includes all kinds of delicious custom touches! For example, the bride found that she had a lot of important information to share with the guests. Rather than include separate accommodation, directions, and reception cards, we combined all of the information into a booklet. With the booklet tied by ribbon, we were able to elegantly slip the reply card and envelope in the middle, giving the booklet both depth and a feeling of luxury. I’m itching to show you the rest of this bride’s custom materials, but hold tight! We’ll bring them to you in the future weeks.


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2 responses to “Traditional and Ornate Custom Suite by Tie That Binds

  1. I can’t wait! This suite is incredibly beautiful and I love the custom details. The invitation is truly unique and the booklet is so charming.

  2. Corley

    Beautiful, Stunning and Elegant – One of my favorites!!

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