DIY Place cards – Antique Spools

This fun place-holder project is a super cute touch to any vintage or antique inspired wedding. Antique spools of thread are often sold by the box full, making shopping for them a breeze. Not to forget the great value in borrowing, so be sure to ask the older women in your life if they have a collection you could use for a day.

To complete this project you will need:

Wire pliers
Bout pins
Paper punch
Antique spools of thread
Floral wire (the thick kind)

Step One:
Wrap a strand of wire around a cylindrical object twice. A spool works famously! Leave some extra wire, about two or three inches, straight and unwrapped.

Step Two:
Remove the wire and wrap the other end around the loops, securing into a tight key-ring type item. Straighten the larger segment of the remaining wire.

Step Three:
Cut your place cards and punch the corners with accent shapes.

Step Four:
Nestle the place card into the loops of your wire stand. Place the wire stand in the center of your spools, and viola!


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2 responses to “DIY Place cards – Antique Spools

  1. Oh I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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