Sweet Treats! ~ Candy Bags by Tie That Binds

With the candy table being a major fad in weddings, parties, and baby showers, we find ourselves making lots of bags for different folks. Check out all of the beautiful designs we’ve worked on!

These popcorn-inspired candy bags are handmade and can be tailored to your color preferences. They are 7.75″ tall, 4″ wide, and have a 2.5″ gusset. Order them for $2 each, with price breaks for orders above 100. They are a fabulous addition to any party or unique wedding.

These bags are perfect for cookies, and are double layered with wax paper to protect against oil. Contact us for specials and pricing.

Available in our Etsy shop and as a down-loadable pdf, this candy bag is priced with your budget in mind. They also work famously for larger treats- like donuts! The blank bags, which have a pretty scalloped edge, are also available here.

These unique bags are a great size for large weddings with limited candy. They measure 3 x 7 and have a gathered gusset. Contact us for pricing information.


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2 responses to “Sweet Treats! ~ Candy Bags by Tie That Binds

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  2. Rachel

    I love those little bags, it’s a cute idea, and fun for the guests! Rachel

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