Formal Honors ~ The World Of Military Invitations

As many of you know, my husband serves in the US Army. As a result I rub shoulders with a lot of folks that need formal invitations for their military events. The interesting – and little known fact – is that each color for these materials has a meaning. For example, yellow is formally used for welcoming new leadership into a unit, while red is traditionally shown for saying goodbye. These colors are also reaffirmed in bouquets of roses presented to the incoming soldier’s spouse. And while there is almost always a welcoming party for a soldier and his family, there is also a separate party just for the spouse. So fun!

The following invitations are for the “spouses only” gatherings. Since in this case the party is thrown for the wives, the design includes flowers, birds, and flourishes.

We offer a 15% discount on all pre-designed products for military brides and grooms. If you or your spouse serves in the military and are interested in ordering materials for your event, contact us for pricing and discount information!

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