Boutonniere DIY

Flowers can be a HUGE expense for a wedding. While unique fads constantly make their way into the wedding world, foregoing flowers altogether has yet to be seen. So until then, we’ve come to you all with a DIY Boutonniere tutorial! The flower shown in this tutorial is picked right from my potted rose bush intentionally – don’t feel pressure to order costly flowers from a shop, you can find beautiful blooms nearby instead.

To complete this project you will need:

Floral tape
Wire (preferably something more flexible- like jewelry wire)
Bout Pins
Floral Sprays
Flowers and a few leafy sprigs
Small doilie

Step One:
Select a strong bloom and a few leafy sprigs to accompany it.

Step Two:
Cut a slit into the center of the doilie, and fold it in an accordion shape. (think: fan-shaped shell for your flower :)

Step Three:
Nestle the bloom and sprigs into doilie along with some floral sprays. Using your thumb and forefinger, pinch the arrangement tightly, and move things around until you get a nice composition.

Step Four:
While still holding the arrangement tightly, wrap a bit of wire around the base of the bout. Wrap enough to add strength and hold it together, but also try to minimize bulk.

Step Five:
Wrap the exposed wire and stems with floral tape. If you’re creating these the day before the wedding, you might leave the floral stem and sprigs exposed so they can be left in water to stay perky and fresh for the big day.

Final Product:
Tie the ribbon around the bout in a bow or knot. If you opt for a knot, be sure to do a square knot so it lays nicely (that means if you go right over left the first time, make sure you go left over right the second time, to complete the knot.)

Final Product:
Add a bout pin to make sure they’re ready to wear.

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