DIY With Tie That Binds ~ Nest Project of the Month!

Last month we brought you an nest DIY exclusively for the kitchen. This month, we have a DIY that can be used as wedding decor, and also the nest!

For this project you must be willing to scour for a few treasures- more specifically, letterpress drawers. Often referred to as a “California Case,” these drawers hold individual pieces of metal type used in the letterpress printing process. With metal type being replaced with modern plates, these drawers can be found in abundance. Hint: Ebay, Etsy, and craigslist!

To complete this project you will need:

Letterpress Drawer
Photo cropping skills or computer program
A printer or method to print pictures

Step One:
Measure the individual spaces where you plan on displaying photos. I tried to distribute evenly between large and small, using the better quality photography to take the larger spaces.

Step Two:
Scale and crop your photos to fit the spaces. If you have a more advanced program like photoshop, you can place several photos on one 4 x 6 photo, cutting down on printing prices. Inside hint: make sure your photos are 300 dpi/resolution to maintain a crisp image.

Step Three:
Cut out your pictures and wedge/glue them into their allotted spaces.

Step Four:
Display in your home and let the compliments roll in!

I looked around the web and found a few other ideas for letterpress drawers. The creativity is endless!

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