For the Groom ~ I wish I had known…

I am SO excited for this post! We’ve talked to some of the coolest newly-wedding grooms that helped compile a list of things they had to learn the hard way. For you married women, these are a HOOT. For those of you dealing with husbands-to-be, you might want to send them to this list. It will SERIOUSLY save you at least 15 arguments and repeating yourself:

All 450 people want to come through the receiving line after the ceremony

You have more friends when a keg is provided


It’s wasn’t about the wedding photographer, it’s almost more about the family getting their photos in before we leave for the night. I have never had so many people ask if we could get a picture with them.

The dance party can last until 3am+, so watch the clock if you want to be awake for anything else…

Even if I want to “start” the honeymoon as soon as the papers are signed, the bride actually wants to be a part of the reception

Photos: either hire a professional, or have talented family do it free, do not have an old friend/semi pro photographer do a bad job and still have to dish out a grand.

The bride wants you to be a part of the entire planning process, but not really.

I didn’t expect I was going to get misty-eyed when i said my vows.

If you have a truck and a check book, you are a great asset to the planning of your wedding

Engagement photos take longer than actual wedding photos

Even if your wedding is along a pristine river, your bride probably does not want fishing, or fishing poles, or boats to be a part of the wedding

I thought I could remember 5 words at a time to repeat after the pastor, false.

Trying to leave for the night isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies.

I thought dipping the bride to kiss at the end of the ceremony was about the kiss, it’s actually about the pictures, so you get to make out as long as she’ll let you in front of the crowd, and your parents.

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