Real Tie That Binds Weddings ~ DIY Military Wedding

Today we’re featuring a military wedding that took place at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Although we don’t typically coordinate weddings, we helped a good friend because she never had a real wedding when they were married 5 years ago. Being that her husband is in the Army with a lot of obligations to his job, they literally met in the middle of their two states, got married in a courthouse, and then went their separate ways so he could continue his duties. Crazy!
The bride and groom had a VERY limited budget, so all of the decor- including the cost of all of the flowers and ceremony decor, needed to stay under $350. Needless to say, we did a lot of DIY and borrowing from others. The bride really wanted to acknowledge her husband’s dedication to the Engineers of the Army (with the castle being the engineer emblem) so we worked hard to beautifully incorporate the Army into her wedding suite.
Tasteful military weddings can be hard to come by, so we hope that military wives-to-be will find this inspiring as they approach their own weddings. Enjoy!

Bride and Groom: Stephaine and Dan Segura
Ceremony: Church of God, Vine Grove, KY
Reception: The Leaders Club, Fort Knox


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2 responses to “Real Tie That Binds Weddings ~ DIY Military Wedding

  1. Stunning. Love the bold reds!

  2. Muriel Gregory

    Beautiful! Red is the Engineer branch color.

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