For the Groom ~ Wedding Day Gift Ideas For Your Bride

Nothing puts husband-points in the bank like a thoughtful groom on the wedding day! It’s pretty likely that grooms aren’t subscribing to this blog just yet, but there are plenty of ways for brides to make sure their grooms get the information… you know what I mean :)
We’ve heard some impressive stories from brides who were surprised with gifts the day of the wedding. Here’s a few ideas:

A Right Hand Ring
Consider buying an antique ring with a blue stone so the bride can wear it on her right hand the day of the wedding. A blue stone follows tradition that says “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” BONUS POINTS: know her ring size ahead of time so she can wear it the day of, if she likes.

A Month of Letters
Starting 30 days before the wedding, write a letter to her once a day and keep them to yourself. The night before the wedding complete your final letter with your thoughts about becoming her husband, and put them together in a book or box. Assign a trusted bridesmaid to put it in her room the night before the wedding, and suggest that she read them alone. If you opt for the morning of the wedding, she’ll be sure to cry, and touching up makeup can add stress to her day. BONUS POINTS: Write the letters in a custom handmade book, like the one here.

A Handkerchief With Her New Monogram
Not only is this great for wiping away tears of joy, but it’s also thoughtful to display her new last name as your wife. BONUS POINTS: Shop for an antique handkerchief in your wedding colors, or use one from a family members’ collection.

A Morning Professional Massage Appointment
Check with her maid of honor to see if there is time for some pampering the morning of the wedding. If so, arrange for a masseuse to visit her room before she gets ready for the wedding. However, be sure she’s comfortable with the idea of a massage first. You can figure it out by asking subtle questions in the weeks before. BONUS POINTS: If she’s getting her hair done in a salon that day, see if they offer massages. She can have it all done in one location, which is less stressful.

A Flower Bouquet – With Meaning
Order flowers ahead of time, but this time, be involved in the design! A week or so before the wedding, visit the flower shop and pick flowers that remind you of her. Write down the flowers and what they mean to you. For example: “The red daisies reminded me of you because you wore a red salsa dress the first time I saw you.” (So sweet!) The florist can finish the bouquet and deliver them and the note the morning of the wedding. BONUS POINTS: pick flowers that match your wedding colors – that way she might be able to find a place for the bouquet in the wedding decor.

Her Favorite Coffee Drink
Recruit a family member, bridesmaid, or friend to deliver her favorite beverage in the morning or during the afternoon slump. It shows that you’re thoughtful, and that you pay attention to her preferences. BONUS POINTS: If she prefers lowfat, get a lowfat beverage, like a smoothie. If she doesn’t, don’t take the risk!

Bring Her Furry Friend!
Okay, this is a risky idea, so you will HAVE to know that the bride would like it before you try it. SMP featured a wedding where the bride couldn’t include her dog in the wedding like she wanted. So the groom had a cardboard cut out made of her favorite pooch, and brought it to the wedding! It was a huge hit for the guests who spent all night taking silly pictures with it. So cute!

Any suggestions from our brides? Great gift ideas that you’ve heard of?


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2 responses to “For the Groom ~ Wedding Day Gift Ideas For Your Bride

  1. Such thoughtful ideas, particularly love the blue ring!

  2. Ken

    Love the idea of “love letters”. Should def check out Elite Glass Cards

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