Tie That Binds ~ Business Packaging

Business packaging is a big deal… much bigger than I ever gave it credit for. We’ve been using an affordable and eco-friendly packaging method that never seems to disappoint our clients, and it recently made a slight upgrade by switching to lace-patterned recycled paper!

In the words of one our recent brides:

I received the save the dates today! I absolutely love them! I was waiting all day for them to come, and when they did arrive I was so excited. The packaging was such a nice touch and made it feel like I was opening a beautiful gift… which I was!! Those personal touches are what make working with a small business/owner of their own business such a wonderful experience. I cannot wait to work on the rest of the suite with you. And I cannot wait to hear from people what they think about the save the dates. I am sure I will only hear good things and I will pass them along to you. Thank you again,
– Alex

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