DIY With Tie That Binds ~ Nest Project of the Month!

We recognize that many of our readers are our past brides that have moved into married life. While we mostly focus on design for weddings, we can’t help but let our design carry into married life as well! This SUPER easy tutorial was completed man-free, which means any of you newly-wedded wives don’t have to sweetly hint the project to the hubby. You can do it on your own!

To complete this project you will need:

Wooden board (cut to fit under your cabinet)
Mason Jars with lids and seals
2 screws per jar and 4 more screws for the board
Electric drill
1 small drill bit (to lead the way for the screws)
A ruler (or a good eye)
A pencil

Step One:
Have your board cut to fit snugly under your cabinet (okay, this part might take a man, but still…) Ideally your board will wedge underneath the cabinet without needing to hold it, but this depends largely on your cabinet setup. Lay out your lids and seals evenly across your board. Mark each placement with a pencil, since they’ll shift around when you drill.

Step Two:
Screw lid and seal into the board. Use two screws on opposite sides as this will keep your lid from spinning. Repeat for all lids and seals.

Step Three:
Affix your board to the underside of your chosen cabinet. Depending on your cabinet setup, this may need to be done differently than shown. With these type of cabinets, fit the board under the cabinet and mark on either side where to drill your final screws. We recommend two screws on each of your 2 x 4. After marking, you will use your small drill bit to make starter holes for your screws. (This will make the process 10x easier. It also cuts down on the chance that you’ll split the wood on the cabinets, which would make any hubby – new or old – greatly irritated.) After drilling the starter holes, follow-up with your screws, securing the board in place.

Final Product:
Fill yours jars and screw them into the lids. Viola!

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