For the Groom ~ Planning an Engagement

Engagement ideas are plentiful on the WWW, but here are a few favorites captured on tape:

Most of these are very public for the world to see (literally!) But boyfriends shouldn’t feel restricted to lavish and over-the-top engagements. Some women might prefer a more intimate setting between the two of you. And since you know her better than a lot of people, it’s your call to make! One of the best resources we’ve found is here on the knot. They have several tools to help you succeed at popping the question.
Regardless of your final choices, please keep one MAJOR thing in mind:

She will want to tell her friends and family about how you proposed

…so pick appropriate times and settings to ask. Rehearse your thoughtful and genuine words, because she will never forget them. And lastly, try to relax and enjoy the moment you ask her to become your wife. Pay attention to record her reaction in your mind, because they are some of the sweetest moments of your lifetime together.

Do you have a romantic proposal story or idea? Share it with us! You just might help a man in need :)

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