Choosing Your Invitation Wording

With mixed families on the rise, picking your invitation wording is trickier than EVER. We’ve gathered several resources that we find invaluable, and will walk you through the formalities of composing your perfect wording.

Firstly, The Knot has a fantastic collection of “sticky situation” wording ideas. But it really doesn’t get to the crux of HOW wedding invitation wording works.

For that, we suggest Martha Stewart Wedding’s fabulous article about invitation composition. They break the wording down, section by section, so that you can easily navigate the necessities. If you’re looking for the traditional and straight-forward wording, there are few decisions to make. On the flip side, more casual weddings can use this structure as a guide for creating their own unique announcement. See our diagram below.

You get the idea! If you come up with someone unique and special, send it to us or leave it as a comment! We’ll be sending our brides back to the post for reference and they would greatly appreciate the help.

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