Clavin Kelly Events

We’ve had the honor of working with Clavin Kelly Events in the past, and have two weddings in the works for this Summer! Whether it’s working together with our brides or asking advice for navigating the wedding world, these are the go-to girls. Not only do they offer full-service wedding planning, they’ll also take over the day of. In other words- if you don’t have the budget for a full-time planner, you can DIY the planning and hire them the day of! We’ll be sharing a few of our joint efforts in the future, but check out their more recent work on this fabulous Upstate New York wedding.

These beautiful photos were captured by the talented Joe at Symphony Photo in Waltham, MA. He have great things to say about Clavin Kelly too! :

“This past summer I worked with Victoria Kelly and Keri Clavin of Clavin Kelly Events. Victoria and Kelly also had two assistants with them as well. They handled all kinds of details simultaneously at different locations from making sure each venue was prepared and ready on time to coordinating the transportation of all the guests from the hotels to the church, the church to the reception venue, and then from the reception back to their hotels. All four of them communicated via headset walkie talkies which allowed them to keep in touch even though they were often at different addresses.”

They’re everything you’ve seen on “The Wedding Planner,” and more! Keep up the good work girls! We always look forward to working with you again.

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  1. Thanks so much Mekala! It is an honor to be on your blog!


    Tori and Keri

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